Rainwear For Worker



Fabric thickness:


Water column: 8,000 mm

Less than 2,000mm - Not waterproof.

≥ 3,000mm - suitable for showers.

≥ 5000mm - ideal for a few hours of moderate rain.

≥ 8000mm - ideal for hours in heavy rain.

≥ 10,000mm - ideal for long stays in heavy rain and snow.

≥ 15,000 mm - not required under normal European weather conditions.

Polyester (coted PU/PVC) Rain Suit Display Pictures And Details:

Polyester (coted PU/PVC) Raincoat Display Pictures And Details:

These work clothing has been designed with mud and water in mind and is great for use working outdoors, farming, gardening, walking in the woods etc. The material is easy to clean - even when muddy and is machine washable. This set is CE-marked and approved to ISO 9001.

Display of polyester raincoat/rain suit details:

Rain Coat

Rain Coat

Rain Suit

Rain Suit